Busyness expectations.


Dear John, we have an 11 yr old son. We have always instilled in our children about doing their best at any task they set out to do whether it’s school, school, his tennis practice..etc. From the moment he wakes, he rushes through his chores, school, and if we are at piano practice his teacher will say he has to slow down, he’s going to fast and rushing which is same thing his dance teacher says after his dance class. Therefore in most of these areas he’s not doing his best especially when it comes to school and chores as I can see when I check over the work done. He pretty much just wants to rush through everything until he gets to the things he really wants to do. He’s on a ticket system but that’s for 2 other things and we have a chart checklist in his room that goes over the daily things that need to be done to get a check which one is “did I do my best today?” Which he has to get checks in these boxes or he will lose something, usually a prized possession which is going to consignment. So do we just stick the course with this as we just started chart couple weeks ago or do you have any other creative suggestions? Thank you!

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