18 month old Screams on the Potty


We are potty training our 18-month-old boy and are on day 5. The first day he screamed when I introduced him to the little potty, but slowly he was sometimes ok with sitting on it. My husband suggested we use a potty seat instead and he sat on it with pretty much no problem. So now he only wants to go potty on the big toilet (I'm guessing it's because it's what my husband and I do) and screams or runs when we suggest the little potty. The issue is that he wants me to stay in the bathroom with him. I will say "Call me when you're done." and the second I leave he will practically throw himself off the toilet and start screaming. Some of the times that I've stayed in there he has gone to the bathroom (not every time) or at least stayed on the toilet for a while before saying he was all done. I don't want to micromanage... should I just let him throw himself off?

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