Getting to the finish line with potty training


Our 3 year old daughter has been doing N75 for 5 days and has progressed very well and is intimating in the toilet and rarely having accidents, maybe just a little urine in her panties before she stops and runs to the toilet. The problem is that she hasn’t pooped for 3 days now after pooping in her panties the first 2 days. She is willing, she sits on the toilet and tries to poop but nothing comes out. When we get her off the toilet she looks very uncomfortable like she is about to poop her pants…. How do we get her to go on the toilet? Also, regarding the pee, should we still be doing the timer to avoid the minor accidents in her panties? She there be a negative consequence when she does have these minor accidents even though she stops and gets most of it in the toilet? Thank you!

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