No Gratitude Leads To Bad Attitude


My son will be 16 in April. He has for several months started having lots of attitude. He gets very angry when he is disciplined and rebels. He yells and curses at us. We took away his social media over the summer because of misuse. He had good grades last nine weeks but started off this 9 Weeks with low grades. He says he doesn’t care about his grades. He plays sports but will not be able to if he doesn’t get grades up. He demands to get social media back and thinks he is getting a car when he is 16. He says we are to strict and calls us control freaks. When he does something wrong, like not study for his tests, lies, or we say no to something he never takes responsibility. He blames everyone else all the time. He has struggled with fitting in at school and it’s always bothered him. We just need some guidance on the back talk, cursing and when we tell him he has to get his grades up he says give me my technology. What are some consequences for not making his grades, cursing at us sometimes and getting overly angry when we try to discipline him. He has no respect for us at all. Thank you.

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