Need to relax with potty training


I am trying to potty train my 19 month old. I’ve read Making the Terrible Twos Terrific and have tried the methods there. My daughter refuses to sit on the potty or even attempt to use the potty even though she fully understands how and has done so in the past. She now has started holding her pee for hours (naked and $75 method) until she pees tons all over the place, still not in the toilet. If I sit her in the potty she cries and gets off. If I tell her “time to go potty” she just ignores me. I’ve tried a timer, putting her in the room with the potty and telling her let me know when she’s done. All to no avail, she won’t use the toilet and will hold her pee which I’m sure is bad for her. What do you recommend next?

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