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Hi there!

My 6 year old (Miss 6) tends to hugely overreact. It's not tantrums, per say, so the tantrum spot is not utilised. It's more anger and "wordiness." (Miss 6: "I asked sister THREE times to hand me the toy I wanted, and she wouldn't! So I dumped her toys everywhere."). She works herself up that she threatens to run away, and has even attempted to once.

She also struggles hard to let things go - whether it be what she perceives as unfair (Me: "it's your sister's turn to have the blue cup" - hours of whining from her follows) or constant pestering (Miss 6: "So... can I watch a show...?" even after NO has been said calmly with authority).

I have tried to explain that her siblings are going to be treated somewhat differently, because it's the nature of age. I'm not going to expect her brother (18 months old) to have the emotional maturity of her, Miss 6. Or I'm not going to hold her 3 year old sister to the standard, either (rest assured, her sister gets time outs, but is generally an easier going child). Miss 6 is more calculated with her nastiness, whereas her sister is reactionary.)

Miss 6 is on the ticket system for straight away obedience, which we generally use for doing something (chores, picking up etc).

As I type this, the girls are separated, one in the play room, the other in their bedroom, because Miss 6 overreacted to her sister's unwillingness to help her. So... into the rooms they go. Any tips would be great. Thank you.

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