Smelly kid


My four year old daughter has been potty trained for a few years now but she constantly either forgets to wipe or doesn’t do it well enough despite all my efforts. She smells like pee almost everyday! I have been making her go in the bathroom, wash her underwear and herself to try to get her to break this habit, but it’s been weeks and there’s no change. Today she peed in her underwear and skirt and just kept playing! I didn’t even know she did it until she came to sit with me to do an art project together! I didn’t know what to do! I am at my wit’s end with this! She starts school in September and I don’t want her to be the smelly kid in class!

I made her wash up, and sent her to her room for the rest of the day, only to emerge for meals, prayers, and of course the bathroom. And this punishment will continue until she breaks this habit. I couldn't think of anything else in the moment, is this ok or is there a better strategy I can be using?

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