Almost 4 year old refuses to poop in the toilet


My grandson will be 4 the end of May. He has been partially potty trained for over a year, but will have bowel movements in his pants, then run to the bathroom and dump it in the toilet. If told to go sit on the potty when he is clearly beginning the process, he becomes very angry. If caught in time and taken to the bathroom against his wishes, he will refuse to produce a BM. His parents have tried taking toys away, but that has not worked. I suggested telling him that they called the doctor and that the doctor said he is not getting enough sleep and needs to go to bed right after dinner until he uses the potty properly 15 times in a row. I guess I didn't explain myself very well, though, because mom started threatening him with calling the doctor. Not what I meant. Now they are thinking about putting him in Pull Ups. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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