Potty Training


We are toilet training our 18 month old son. He has sat on the small potty many times, peed in it a few times, mostly he refuses to sit on it. He is clearly capable of what is being asked of him. We are on day three of using the gate. He was extremely upset at first (hours of crying at the gate) but now it does not bother him. He is content to stay in an entirely empty room (entryway) alone peeing on the floor. We started with toys, he threw them out.

He does not care at all about the bell, doctor, or getting urine or feces on himself.
He has managed to push down the gate a few times.
He repeatedly throws his potty over the gate. We give it back eventually, of course he throws it back. We reiterate the expectation and walk away.
He cannot possibly succeed without the potty staying in the room with him so we feel forced to micromanage. When we stand in the room he doesn't throw the potty but it doesn't help anything.

How can we get through this stage of him throwing out the potty (get out of the power struggle)?
How long should we wait to give the potty back, giving him at least the opportunity to succeed?

We know this can take months but we are at a loss as to how to break through from here. We plan to stay the course. We just feel like we are moving backwards. Please help! Thank you!

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