10 yr old needs homework help and help being successful in a "zoom" classroom.


I read Dr Rosemonds book "The Well-Behaved Child" and have 2 questions regarding not helping kids with homework. Our now 10 yr old son was behind in school before covid hit. He barely made it past 3rd grade and now is practically failing 4th grade. It's very difficult where we live as the students have limited in-school instruction. Most is via zoom and they spend a better part of the day on the computer with school and homework.

1- so if homework is the kids' problem, which I agree with, what do we do when they don't understand or need help with how to do, say a math problem? Tell them they gotta figure it out? Can we just explain that part and then then it's back on them?
2- in regards to my son, how do we do remedial learning? The situation is difficult with little in class instruction and one on one with the teacher. She has made efforts to help, but it is hard with the restrictions the state has placed on the schools.
We can't just leave him to his own as he's already failing that way.
My wife and I are figuring out how we want to implement what we learned in the book, so let us know and hopefully I was clear enough on the problem.

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