7-Year-Old Struggling in School


A good friend who I really respect recommended that I read your articles. I have really appreciated your advice and wanted to hear your perspective on our specific situation.
Our son is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. He has trouble focusing in school. He has zero behavioral issues and is not rebellious but he often doesn't follow instruction the first time he is asked to do something. He has trouble transitioning from learning to doing. He seems to either forget the instruction that he was given or he never was able to let it sink in in the first place.

We have heard of exercises and programs that involve improving brain balance. Programs that use nutrition, sensory-motor training, academic skill training & confidence building. What do you think of these types of programs?

Specifically we are looking at the Brain Balance Achievement Center in Lincoln, NE but I don't expect you to comment on them specifically.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts,

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