Transitions Require Planning and Patience


Here's a question about a 1-year-old who has always slept in his mom's bed and got to breastfeed as often as he likes: How to get him to sleep in a crib?

We live in a two-bedroom apartment with two kids. The girl is four and the boy is one. I, the mother, sleep with my son in a bunk bed with his older sister in the bed above us. Their dad needs to sleep alone in his room because he is in poor health, which gets much worse if he cannot sleep..

After reading Rosemond's books, I decided I should try to move my son to a crib so he learns to sleep on his own. He usually falls asleep next to me while I breastfeed him laying down, and he wakes up at least every two hours all night for more breastfeeding. His sister was the same.

I wonder how to make this big change? A little at a time or all at once? I would like to continue breastfeeding but not so much - maybe once in the morning and once in the night, if possible. How can we best make this change without disturbing the whole family?

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