Difficult transition for a 4 year old.


Hello again, Gretchen,
Thank you for your previous advice on not saying too much to my 4 year old about his father and I separation. I have followed the advice but my 4 year old is now having major meltdowns at his new preschool. I know this normally sweet boy is having a lot of transitions in his life currently as he and I have left the town he grew up in, are now living at my dads house, new house rules, switched preschools, and only sees his dad a few times a week for a few hours at a time. He is constantly asking to move back home and wants to see his dad. We haven’t done anything legally as far as custody goes but I’m wondering what the best routine would be to give him consistency and stability. I believe he is thoroughly confused at the current circumstances. Should we limit how often he sees his dad to just weekends and not during the week. Should we define custody as every two weeks with each parent. This is so hard and I’m the adult! Thank you

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