Teen parenting adjustment.


We have a 16 yo son who we have caught recently lying and even snuck out of the house once (that we know of) with a couple friends. He does have a phone that he pays for monthly. But we have control of being able to turn on and off apps and we limit time that he’s allowed to use his phone much to his dismay. Most if not all of his friends do not have the same restrictions. He got caught buying a burner phone that he states was for someone else. We are not convinced of course. Bottom line we shut his phone down and he only has use of the phone part and our life 360 so we know where he is when going to work (and school shortly). Needless to say he is not happy. We know this and understand. However, he’s so bored now that he has completely cleaned and rearranged his room and even went so far as to pack up all of his stuff that he no longer wants in his room. I went to put his bible back in his room and found a note that he has written to himself. In it he states he is depressed over all of our rules and that he always messes up and wants to die. He clearly writes that he won’t kill himself but if someone held a gun to his head he wouldn’t resist. That we don’t trust him and hates his life because he sees all his friends out having fun and living their lives and talking to girls etc which he can’t do. My husband says he remembers thinking and feeling the same at his age and even younger. I’m scared of all of this. Should I be concerned if this letter and his thinking, etc?

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