Follow through at all cost.


My daughter who is 8 years old has become accustomed to yelling and raising her voice when speaking to us her parents. We raise our voices in the house too so perhaps she gets that from us. But now I'm trying hard to change that and get her to stop yelling at us when she's angry. I have her on the strikes system right now and she's doing well with chores and so on. But she's having a hard time picking up and cleaning up after herself and not getting upset and yelling and screaming at me when I call her on what needs to be done. I feel great that she's making progress and feel bad when I have to punish her because she is still not doing everything that's on the chart we set up for the strike system. How do I know when to back off or follow through with punishment because I don't want to discourage her for the progress she's made.

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