Moms, Let Dad Be in Charge Too


My three year old son does not respect my husband's authority. If my husband attempts to do anything for/with him if my son is not in the mood, there are tantrums of epic proportions. He will also routinely run, disobey, what have you when given instructions by him. I know I have probably contributed to this...I am a faily confident authority figure and disciplinarian, while my husband is a hesitant disciplinarian. My husband works long hours and has a hard time mustering up the energy to deal with children after work. So I have tried to take on all the childcare duties, even after he gets home. I suggested that my husband start giving my son a bath and get him dressed for bed (even if my son protests), but this is inconsistent at best and at the end of the day I'm frankly not interested in having to remind my husband what he's promised he would do. I have in the past (though I've gotten better) seen my husband's frustration and swooped in to help out. I know this is not good behavior. Please be as blunt and critical of us as possible.

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