My Toddlers Are Ignoring Me


For a few months now, my toddlers (both age 2.5) have stopped wanting to hang out with me.

They're both pretty good at playing independently and occupying themselves, and they seem to enjoy it. But a few times per day, I try to pop into their playroom or sit next to them outside, just to say "how's it going" and whatnot.

Their response is usually to look annoyed with me, grab their toy, and move to another spot (leaving me feeling halfway offended and halfway laughing about how comically rude it is). Its as if they are nonverbally saying "get out of here, mom", lol...

My husband gets the same treatment if he tries to sit in on one of their activities. They'll come to us if they want something or want to be held, but if we try to come to them, it doesn't work and they seem annoyed by our presence.

If we sit in his room when he doesn't want company, our 2.5 year old son has actually started getting up, taking us by the hand and guiding us out of his room or pushing us out. Once we're outside of his room, he walks back inside and continues whatever he was doing.

Does anybody else have this happening? Does it mean anything?

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