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I've read a little bit about what John Rosemond says about a parent's duties for the first couple years of life (specifically birth up to 18 months) and he says that it's important to for the child to be the center of attention in order to build trust. This does make sense to me, but I was wondering if you could explain it more to me in more detail about what that looks like. For example, our 13 month old has a habit of throwing food on the floor. Sometimes I try to ignore it, or tell him no, but it seems as though he keeps on doing it. I know they don't really understand discipline at this age, but do I need to have consistency there? He also knows how to fall asleep on his own in his crib, but sometimes he cries in the middle of the night. What I'm asking is, should I respond to everything he is doing and every cry? Is it okay to ignore when he wakes up in the night? Am I still building trust with my child? (Obvious anxious mom over here.)

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