Helping Kids Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety



I'd like some advice on how to handle my almost 5 year old daughter's worry/nerves at night since this whole coronavirus pandemic took over. She usually goes to school every morning and dance class once a week, plus playdates with cousins and since Monday, all of that has abruptly stopped. She has also probably overheard me talking to other adults on the phone about everything happening in the world. I am trying not to let my own anxiety show outwardly as much as possible, but I am human and I do have bouts of worrying. She's been really clingy at bedtime and waking up in the night crying and sad and sometimes scared for no reason she can explain. Should I lean more toward being understanding and soft or strict and rule based during this time? She is usually a pretty tough cookie. Doesn't get shaken by much, which is why I am not sure which direction to go. Also, we have been sticking to our normal routine as much as possible within our household.
Thank you in advance for your input :)

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