Children do not make good parents.


Hello; My son is getting worse as he gets older. He refuses to listen or obey. He talks back at every turn. We took his toys away over a week ago and told him he could get them back after his behavior improved and remained acceptable for one full week. He has since snuck things to school without permission. Stolen money, from both me and his father. Stopped completing his school work. Eaten all the candy in the house from the last three holidays. Refused to go to bed on time or asked to go to bed early and snuck out to take things that he is not allowed to touch. He is an entitlement child who thinks he should get whatever he asks for at that moment. He has very few friends as he has ailienated many by his behavior. We just don't know how to help him. He has been through a lot, but he is loved, yet he doesn't seem to care. He says doing what is right is just too hard. Any sugestions? He has taken over and nothing we've done or said has made him realize he is not the parent..

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