The Truth Is, 2-Year-Olds Have Tantrums


My 2 1/2-year-old daughter throws a tantrum while in public - not at home (or at least less severe at home). As an example, we spend time on Sunday mornings encouraging her to behave during Mass before we even go, reminding her of the consequences if she refuses. While at Mass, I have tried to re-focus her attention on activities (priest actions, music, etc.), but she always wants something that she knows she is not eligible to have. When we confirm this (i.e. dose of vitamin N), she throws a fit. I remove her and sit with her outside the interference of others where she behaves obediently. When we arrive at home she is punished by being sent to bed for a couple of hours - (which is really nap time anyway). We are at a loss, and I am hesitant to change our family Sunday pattern or send her to be rewarded with attendance in the nursery.

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