Changing schools in high school


Our 15 year daughter has been in catholic school since she was 3 years old. Our intention was to put her in a public school for high school. We live in a middle to upper middler class neighborhood and the public high school is a good school. When we told her our intentions she had a full blown fit. The last time she had done this was when she was 3 years old. She really wanted to attend the private high school. I was not in agreement with this since the cost of the private school is more than three times what we were paying. It is a stretch for us. My husband thought she would do better in the private school since that is what she was use to. She has always been a good student. We told her she could go with the condition that she kept her good grades. To our surprise her grades have been awful compare to what they were. She goes to school to socialize and daydreams. We have told her if her grades do not improve we will be sending her to the public school and she does not seem to believe us. We have always followed through with what we state. She has no electronics and her cell phone has no internet access. We take it away when she gets home from school and this does not seem to bother her. Her school is also very strict about phones in school. She mostly just daydreams. She is a decent athlete and participates in one sport each season. She has just made finals for her sport. The sport is right after school and does not interfere with any of her studying time. I believe we should take away her sports which she really cares about because her main focus is school. I also think she should go to the public school next year. My husband is not sure, but I believe we need to follow through and he agrees.

She is a really good teenager. My parents actually made a point of this when we saw them. She rarely whines, is always in a good mood and has a great sense of humor. They remarked she is unbelievable compare to my nieces.

We are concerned about changing her school since overall she is good teenager. We would like to know your opinion on changing her school next year and taking away her sport.

Thank you for your time.

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