8 Year Old Loves to Argue with Mom


My almost 8 year old boy has become quite skilled at arguing. In addition to arguing things that are easily proven false, he also contradicts you in casual conversation. I'm not sure if it's just to have something to add to a subject he is not informed about or just to be argumentative. For an example of his arguing, yesterday he argued me blue that the clock was wrong when his 8 minutes to shower were up (it wasn't) and that his math problem of 8+3+3+1 was 14 (it's not). Then after I tell him he's not correct he complains that "You never believe me". It then usually ends in tears. Problem one: the constant arguing and contradicting. Problem 2: playing the victim when we negate his argument. I do my best not to engage in the argument; my new favorite saying is "I have spoken". But I could really use some suggestions to help me help him work through this. I do not want this to become a permanent character trait! Thank you!

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