Potty training setback


My daughter is 27 month old, before she turned 2 in October we started to potty train her. At around 25 months she was completely trained; she'd tell us when she needed to go and at one point, she was walking to the bathroom and doing her business by herself. About one month ago she began to regress. She started having little accidents on herself all over the house.
We kept her on a timer with a distinct alarm and that worked for a while but eventually it stopped. We then tried to entice her with some treats; every time she would go in the toilet she would get an m&m and that works, but now it seems as if she is purposefully going on herself and around the house.
She no longer tells us beforehand, she will only let us know while she is i the middle of it or after she is already has. Thankfully its is only with pee, when she needs to go poo she always makes sure to us know.
I feel as if it has become a nasty habit. She just goes where ever she is standing/sitting she just does it. We don't know what else to do.
What kind of consequence works at this age? I tried time out, she did it care. Pls help me find an effective way.

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