Mom on track with chores, allowance


I keep being advised I should use reward charts/money allowances for good behavior and chores around the house (for almost 7 year old). But, something doesn't sit right with me about this. I cant keep rewarding him every time he does something good and completes a chore. I feel like this is not setting him up for going out into the world. When my son is asked why he has to do chores and can't have allowances for chores I tell him because we are a family, we love each other and work as a team. I am trying to create a family culture. I've started a little command station with family goals, bible verses RE about children, loving one another and one poster that says "we are a family, we work as a team".

I'm not sure if that is right or wrong?

(But I would also like to start allowances so my son has a set amount of allowance so he can learn to manage money and understand the value?)

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