Divorce challenges parenting.


My daughter left home on September 3rd, after I removed her door and we had an argument.
She told me I was a terrible mother and a psychopath. She said she was leaving and I asked for her keys, she refused and told me it was her dad's car. So she would not leave in this emotional states, I took the air out of her tire.
She got in an Uber,her dad pays for, and left.

She has not spoken to me (other than text) since. She seems to be enjoying leaving with her dad and he is suing me for custody. I'm spending about $600 on lawyer every other week, even though I have agreed to all the terms of the law suit. Hopefully it is almost over.

I am depressed and having trouble carrying on. She is often dismissive of my text or her answers are very short. Even if I express my love and that I miss her. When I invite her to see me, she either has an excuse or declines.
My son is now home from college and doesn't want to even know what is going on. He still wants to see his dad and has very little sympathy for me.
I really don't know what to do at this point. Hoping for some insight.

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