"Children show respect for parents by obeying them. Parents show respect for children by expecting them to obey. "

The way we were


My twin boys are 5. Our bedtime routine consists of dinner, bath, pjs, I read one book each then lights off and goodnight. It used to work good but then the boys got sick and kept passing strep throat back and forth. They had high fevers etc so I just let them sleep with me. Welll fast forward 6 months and everything has spiralled out of control. We still do the routine but now I "lay with them" until they fall asleep which can upwards of an hour. Then at some point in the night the kids crawl into our bed. Sometimes I hear them sometimes I don't. but either way I've just been letting them cause its "easier at the time".
I know its my fault that this has gotten out of control but how can I stop it? I feel like if I just got out of the room when they are supposed to be going to sleep, one of them will simply get up and turn on the light. There are no toys in the room to play with but there are books. They both have great imaginations so I envision them paying for a while then coming out. WHat do I do at that point?
Please let me know

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