Will the Terror Ever Stop?


Our son who is almost 5 went back to throwing tantrums and have started hitting on a few occasions again. We're wondering if he'll ever stop. We have put him back on the 30 sticker program with a garden kick. I just need to clarify a kick out of the garden (for my son's continual tantrums and hitting despite being almost 5):

- No toys (e.g. lego, toy cars, dress ups)
- Confined to room if there was an incidence of either
- No visits to the playground (is this overkill??)
- No friends' birthday parties if any
- No TV

He is allowed books in his room, and some colouring and drawing. Should he be allowed to do craft and playdoh? What about the slide outside the garden or the cubby house and his scooter, and play with the chalk?

Also, a kick out of the garden does not mean he stays in his room every day and goes to bed early until he gets his 30 stickers? Or should room time and early bed time be confined to the days he tantrums/hits only?

Please clarify, thanks! :)

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