Toilet Training Times Two!


Another potty training question. We started “training” our 3.5 year old son close to a year and a half ago. We tried all sorts of stupid things; diapers were allowed for any excuse we thought of, intense bribing, constantly telling him to tell us when he needed to go, later lots of punishment. He would wet himself a dozen times a day. We got Rosemond’s book, but before we had the chance to read it, our son miraculously started using the bathroom on his own. Then about two months later we read the book and used N75 with our 22 month daughter (she turned 2 last week). We did N75 pretty consistently for about a month (absolutely no diapers for either of them). During this time our son has regressed extremely. He usually goes poop on his own, but has an “on purpose” about twice a week. He wets himself twice a day usually. Our daughter usually wets herself 5 times a day and poop is hit and miss. We’ve used a timer extensively and usually tell them to go potty every 30 minutes to 1 hour. They aren’t very resistant to going on the toilet, but they simply don’t take initiative. Is this what we have to expect for the next couple years with them... constantly telling them to go on the toilet, and handfuls of accidents?

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