"How do you get a child to do what he's told the first time he's told? Don't ever repeat yourself. "

Mom's Got a lot on her Plate


Our daughter (3.5) has been a fairly good eater: from olives to avocados to salmon, everything was fine with her. But lately I noticed that she hardly eats anything at dinner (just dinner, not breakfast/lunch). We usually eat from one plate all together, but now I prepare a separate plate for her with small portions of everything we are having. She just mentions that she is not hungry and does not eat. My husband thought that she would eventually give in, but she is not. The rule is: no dessert when you haven't had enough (i.e. her plate is not empty). That worked for a few nights, but now even dessert seems to be no big deal. What to do? Your help would be much appreciated.

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