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My question involves a 15 year old with a tragic story. She lost her father at 2 and a half to a freak accident on the job and then three years later she lost her mother to skin cancer. During the last year of her mothers illness it was not known by family members how bad things had gotten and this 15 year old at 5 and a half basically became an adult including parenting her then 2 and a half year old brother. Fast forward she and her brother are now with their aunt (guardian)and are 13 and 15. Things have gotten out of control. 15 year old is failing, sneaking out, becomes physically aggressive and does not feel the aunt and her husband have any authority over her. To make matters worse she has friends parents and other family members who undermine the aunt and uncle trying to discipline them who she would probably run to. Any suggestions? Out of the garden? move her away? police? Boarding school?

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