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Potty Training at Preschool


We started potty training my son 5 weeks ago when he was almost 23 months old using the "Naked and $75" method. We were so pleased/surprised that within a week or so he seemed to get it! He has been virtually accident-free at home for 3-4 weeks, both peeing and pooping, and will usually go in a public toilet with a potty seat. He rarely initiates going to the potty, we have to tell him to go sit, but it it is very manageable.

However, he goes to church preschool 2 half-days a week. For a week and a half, he had no accidents at preschool but he actually never used the potty at all. He just held it all morning. Now for the last week and a half he doesn't bother holding it and has had 4 accidents and I have to pick him up early or they will put him in pull-ups. The teachers are mostly supportive but no other kids in the class are potty training and I want to be reasonable in what I ask them to do for my child. Is there anything I can do to help him get used to going at preschool and with caregivers other than myself?

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