Preschooler Hitting at School


My son is 4 years old and started a new school. He attended this schools summer camp to get adjusted to a new place and the teacher prior o starting the school year. School has been in session for only 2.5 weeks and he has already been kicked out. He was in trouble often during the summer program for hitting kids. The hitting, kicking, pushing, yelling has escalated since the start of school (now includes hitting teachers). He has descent vocabulary but does not verbalized when he is upset and lashes out aggressive/physically instead. He has never been a good listener and it takes multiple attempts to get him to listen.
He hits me and other family members (sister, grandparents, uncle) but hasn't hit his father.
The school feels they are not a good fit for him at this time and that it is not safe for him, students or teacher to continue on with them, as they are not trained or equipped for this type of behavior. They have given me the impression that my son doesn't even think before he lashes out and that they see no indicators in his behavior that he is going to lash out physically so the can intervene.
The school suggest we take him to see a therapist (recommendation given) or go through the public school system for evaluation.
I have read John Rosemonds: Well Behaved Child and from a previous question I asked, the response was "kicking out of the garden". I haven't even had a chance to begin this process and the school dropped this "bomb" on us. I'm worried my son is getting labeled and we are going down a long bad road. Please help!
Where do we go from here?

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