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Routine Chart for Toddler


Routine daily tasks are a struggle with my 23 month old. Brushing teeth, putting her hair up, taking it down, scrubbing in the bath, washing her hair, and when I have to do them all at bedtime it’s excessive tears and tantrums I’m not seeing an end in sight. I give her the run down of what we have to do leading up to something she wants like “we have to brush our teeth, go potty and put on our pjs then we get our snacks and stories.” But that is no longer working.


Thank you so much for your question!

Toddlers are a peculiar little humans! Routines that seem so mundane to us, are sometimes overwhelming to them. Toddlers thrive with visual cues. I would suggest you make a morning routine/schedule chart and an evening one. This does not need to be a reward system, just simply a poster with pictures of each task.

So the morning would consist of:
Brush Teeth
Eat Breakfast
Get Dressed
Fix Hair

And evening:
Brush Teeth
Put on PJs

Draw or print simple pictures of these tasks and glue them to the poster and hang in the bathroom, so she can visually process the routine/schedule. As she gets older she will memorize the chart and do them alone (with help on some tasks).

Hope this helps!

Traci Turner
Certified Parenting Coach

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