Almost five year old and having anger issues


My son is almost 5. We just recently discovered this website and books and have had some luck with the charts (still only 2 weeks in, so success can’t quite be claimed yet)! While some behaviors (like refusing to do what he is told) have greatly improved with my husband and I taking an Alpha parent approach, he continues to have period of frustration and anger. Basically some times (not always) when he is frustrated or angry, he gets so worked up he cannot calm down. This typically is displayed as yelling and sometimes leads to kicking/hitting. He knows these behaviors are wrong but he tells us later that he gets so upset and doesn’t know how to calm down. I know this age has a hard time understanding and controlling emotions. And I’m having a hard time with wanting to discipline the bad behavior and also wanting to help him cope with these super big emotions. I’ve tried having him take deep breaths and redirecting but now he is doing it at school as well with the new school year just starting. He is usually a really sweet kid but then has these episodes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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