Disobedience in twins


Please help!! My husband and I have been struggling for quite some time with our 4.5 year old boy/girl twins. They have endless, hyper energy and really always have. I am a stay at home mom and have always tried to instill good morals and good behavior in both of them since day 1. Lately, I feel like I am failing and family and friends must think I am failing at being a good mother. When we have company, my kids hang on them, interrupt, are mean to their children, and do not listen to my husband and I. Even after sending them to their rooms, taking away dessert, not letting them play with neighborhood friends, NOTHING seems to be clicking that we are the authorities and they must listen and be respectful. We are considering having another child, but I will be honest... when they act this way, I strongly consider just stopping at a family of 4. Please advise...

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