5 year old relapses with potty training


I got such helpful feedback on the first question, I’m back again.
My 5 year old is currently in public kindergarten. We’ve decided to keep her in until the end of the year (in a few weeks) and then homeschool next year. She didn’t pottytrain until 4. Part of it was her physical disability (2 years delayed in motor skills, and poor balance (developmental coordination disorder)) and part of it was her stubbornness and our parental weakness. It wasn’t until I used John’s no more diapers, you make a mess, you clean it up, approach that she potty trained in 3 days. We never dealt with another accident- until now. She started wetting her pants at school. Now she’s started wetting her pants at home and lying about it. Like I won’t notice pee soaked pants. She says she’s having so much fun she can’t stop to go potty. She wet her pants earlier today and is now sitting in her room with a pillow, blanket, and water bottle for the rest of the day (minus dinner). I’m not sure where to go from here. This is about the 3rd time she’s wet her pants at home and about the same at school.

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