Grandparents who want to help.


We have a beautiful, very intelligent 3 year old grandson. He is an only child and has 4 older cousins (over 15). Recently he has exhibited violent outbursts and tantrums. He becomes inconsolable if things do not go his way. When he is in a group setting, he only wants his daddy, but in a single setting he tells his daddy to “go away” My husband and I are at a loss as this has never presented itself before with any of “the other grand-kids”. We’ve gone online and have been frightened by the postings: ODD is one. We want to be supportive and respectful to his parents, but don’t know where to begin. We’re worried that if this situation is not dealt with soon, we will all be a prisoner of this child and his behavior. I hate to make it sound like domes day scenario, but the general consensus is to “ignore it and it will pass”. I feel a united front is needed and we all have to be on the same page: “We love you! You’re safe! Be happy!” How do we start the conversation?

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