WWJR do?


My son is a junior in college and lives on campus which is about 40 minutes from our home. He gets good grades and has worked a part-time job the last couple of years. Up until recently he was not saving any money. He has agreed to set up a budget with his dad so that he can put some money away to save. I recently found what looks like magic mushrooms in his belongings. We finance everything for him. We own his car, we pay his car insurance and we fund his college. What is a reasonable thing to do considering he could be or did in the past drugs. He always has Clear Eyes that he uses and I’ve asked him about this but he denies that he smokes marijuana etc. Is it reasonable to make him get drug tested at random for us to continue supporting him? What would John Rosemond do if he had a 21-year-old son in this situation?

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