Foster child whining to get his way


We care for a foster child who is 4, going on 5 in less than two weeks. He & his brother (age 6) have been with us for 2 weeks shy of a year. The 4 year old is extremely emotionally immature. We believe that he was allowed to use whining & crying as his response to every situation he didn’t like. Another kid has the swing he wants? Whine & cry. Someone tells him they don’t like him? Whine & cry. You get the picture. After living with us for almost a year, we have tried many different methods to stop the whining & crying. We have ignored him, told him we can’t understand him, sent him to time out, sent him to his room until he is calm, pretty much anything we can think of. We are at our wit’s end with the whining & crying. Any suggestions?

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