10-Year-Old Boy Must Own School Problem


My 10-year-old son is having increasing difficulties keeping focus in school. The teacher brought it to our attention about 3 months ago. He has always taken a little longer to get homework and things done but has been able to keep up. It has been getting worse and now his grades are dropping. We took away electronics, tv, and put him on a good diet, as recommended in your book "The Diseasing of America's Children." We sat him down and told him he needs to learn to control his daydreaming and not let his thoughts drift when in school. He has tried but is getting frustrated and his grades are still not good and he seems to be shutting down. He is intelligent, well mannered, has good behavior, and otherwise is a happy child. We are adamantly against medication and do not want an ADHD label. What can we do to get our child to learn to stay focused? Thank you.

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