Objecting to a step-family.


I have been divorced almost 6 years and the only man I have ever dated has asked me to marry him. We have been dating 3.5 years and each have two children, ages 9 and 12. My 12 yo is really struggling with me getting remarried.
She only sees her Dad about 3 times a year and when she does he is Disneyland Dad. We are just coming off a visit and she sobbed about our upcoming wedding. Dad doesn’t stay very engaged between visits and that is his choice. We do nothing to prevent that or talk ill of him.

We are also moving in together in coming months, as married couples do. She said today “I like our family as it is. I wish you had never sold our house. I don’t want you to get remarried.”
I know she’s hurting and it’s all scary to her. I try to reassure her but she just keeps saying she doesn’t want me go to get married. I assure the man I AM marrying is wonderful and loves her and has never been anything but kind to her.

Any advice on how to help her through this?

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