!1 Year Old Trouble Adjusting


My son is 11 yo. He has autism. Tonight he told me that he should not live because he will never be able to achieve his dreams, that he will not be able to have a wife and children because he can't have friends and he has problem to follow simple rules. He should not belong to this world because he can't stop doing noise with his mouth even if he tries, he can't stop putting his fingers in his nose, everybody finds him disgusting. He can't stop reading at night when it's forbidden because he lacks of sleep (he has problem to fall asleep). Because, he doesn't want to do chores because it's boring and he finds it really difficult. He said his sister is always on his back and she is not playing as the rules (he's right). What is difficult is that in the last year he changed, he has become more frustrated, he reacts to everything like it's the end of the world, he uses to smile and laugh now it's hard. A lot of people intimidate him at school. Tonight it crushed my heart. Any suggestion?

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