Toddlers and Tickets?


Firstly, thanks for your response about the difficulties with potty training. I had discussed using stickers as an incentive for pooping in the potty, and I am seeing the light of not using rewards (behavior modification). On the other side of the coin, for misbehavior, we're keen on the 'tickets' strategy for major offenses. However my kids are under 3. They are almost 31 months and whereas I see you sometimes say tickets can be used for children older than 12 with discretion, can it be possible to use it for children under 3 in certain situations? I have read both Making the Terrible Twos Terrific and The Well Behaved Child as well as listened to every one of your radio shows, and we have had almost a 180 rotation in our household as far as my twins' behavior. I think they're smarter than we adults think, and I believe they understand consequence, but again, not sure if it's to the point of tickets. For example, sometimes they will not do as I ask, and may flat out say 'no' or will do it in an exaggeratedly slow manner, all the while grinning impishly at going up the step to wash their hands one inch at a time. I don't intend to repeat myself, and a stern look from me will often do the trick. But I get stuck there sometimes. I don't know how to win the power struggle when they're in this toddler phase and don't have language based memory or foresight of consequences (maybe?) at this age. Thanks for your thoughts.

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