Teaching your child who is the boss.


My almost 3 year old daughter has developed the habit of using my breasts as a soothing tool. She was weaned well over a year ago, yet I still can't seem to get her to stop touching, cuddling and clutching me. I have become completed "touched-out" and I need help in claiming my body back. It has become so that she won't sleep, unless she is almost on top of me and she gets hysterical if I put space in between us or put her in her own bed. During the day she tries to put her hands inside my shirt whenever the mood strikes her, but particularly when things don't go her way, she gets hurts, or is tired and/or otherwise out of sorts. I've tried everything I can think of including giving her special dolls, silky blankets and other tactile replacements. I wear turtlenecks, I am firm, we have tried several alternative sleeping arrangements, but somehow we end up back where we started. I don't want to cringe or shrink away from my child, but I feel this has grown bigger than I can handle right now.

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