"Parents cannot effectively communicate their love to a child unless they are also a source of effective authority. "

Safety first.


On 4/19/17 I asked a question about my 18 year old step son saying he would hit me. I also said that my husband stated he would divorce me if I called the police on the boy if he does hit me. I was told it was a marital issue. I totally agree that there is an issue there. However, in the mean time, what do I do. The boy and his dad talk like everything is fine and nothing ever happened. I have not seen my step son in the week since the drama. I do not feel comfortable alone in the home during the day. I am disabled. I lock the doors and have removed the extra outside key. We live far in a remote area. So far I have not had to address the issue with my husband. I know there will be a fight. I plan on standing my ground. The boy is legally an adult who publicly threatened me. I do not want to feel threatened in my own home. What should I do please?

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