10 yo Insomnia


My son 10 yo has problem to fall asleep. I put him to bed around 8h30 -9h. He can't fall asleep till 11h00 midnight. I wake him up around 8 am to do go school and usually he is sleeping on his desk at school. He his tired and sleep until 10h30 on saturday and sunday. When in his room after i close the light, he goes to bathroom to read because he can't sleep. I tell him he can't sleep if he is up. I tried a lot of things but usually he is coming to see me and tell me: help me to sleep please. Sometimes I give him melatonine but I try not to give him everynight and sometimes it doesn't work anyway. He needs sleeps. He has autism and get a lot of intimidation at school. (He tells me not but I receive a lot of email about that). What can I do?

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