Step-family parenting challenges.


My husband and I have been married for nine years. We both had three children. My question is how to handle discipline when only half if the children have to follow the family rules. I love my step kids, but it hurts my own children when they are held to a higher set of rules and standards than their step siblings. These are basic rules of kindness, respect, keeping your rooms tidy and taking turns with kitchen duties.
My husband thinks I am too strict. I think that I moved into a household ruled by children and not adults.
Also, my children work and pay their bills. We set a rule long before the children could drive that when kids were 18 they would pay their own insurance. My kids do. My husband pays for my step children. He also pays for one of my stepson' s car notes. He put it in his name even though we said we would never do that. This child has 2 vehicles les and no job. Please help. My kids feel hurt and I feel angry and resentful.

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