6 Year Old Problem with "Alternative Facts"


Hi there Rosemond team,
We are having honesty issues with our almost 6 year old. You mentioned in your book - ask no questions and they'll tell you no lies. However there are times when we really require honesty and we are finding that she can be a bit murky with answers. She will claim she's hungry to get a snack earlier, claim she did not get the umbrella out to get out of trouble, say she's had a nap to stay up later in the evening. It's got the point that we are never sure if it's the truth or just another lie. When asked a straighforward question, she is unable to give a straight answer. going from yes, to no to maybe, or no answer especially when she knows it's important.
We have removed TV which she loves, and require that she gets 30 stickers in a row (1 a day) for a day of honesty and straight clean answers. When she lies, she goes to bed early that day. Have you any opinions on if we should continue the program? Or other suggestions on how else we could handle this problem?

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