Disorganized parenting leads to...


I need help with my 15 year old daughter. I'm a single mom and I also have a 10 year old son. She has a boyfriend, and his parents are drunks and do not care where their son is or what he's doing. I found out that my daughter and the boy were planning on having sex, so I got her on the pill. she wasn't embarrased at all at the Gyno office. Her boyfriend has no respect for rules or authority and my daughter is becoming the same way. I allow my daughter to go on group dates and friend events and he is there, but she is not to be alone with him. Now, all they do is conspire and use her girlfriends as a cover so that they can have sex. They left tissue up in the gameroom when I told her to keep the door open and watch the movie. She must have given him a handjob and I asked her to throw away the tissue and that the boy is not welcome in my house.The boyfriend then texted me saying I was a liar and they did not have sex upstairs because my daughter was on the rag. She asked one friend to cover for her at school when there was a substitute teacher so she could be with him and skip class. The final straw was last week when she was at a birthday party and asked to sleep over. While she was with friends, I asked that she take pics to keep me posted on where they were. She never sent the pics. Then I tried to contact my daughter by phone , still no answer. I then learned that the boy is able to sleep at this girls house! Needless to say I lost my cool. I picked her up and we got into a heated argument. I told her to give me her phone and she refused because she was texting the boyfriend to come pick her up. It unfortunately became physical, and I hit her on the back with the phone. She ran away and I called the police. The police told me I live in Texas and have the right to discipline my child. The cop even told my daughter the next time she doesn't follow the rules, he wants me to call him and he will watch me spank her. Meanwhile, the next day I get calls from 2 of my daughters friend's parents saying the boy is texting everyone saying my daughter had bruises all over her back and that she is afraid to live with me! Again, his parents do not care. The sickest part is that she is defending the boy and can not believe that I will not allow her to see him. She lied and said "I've learned my lesson. I want my family and my friends back." Turned out to be a complete lie so she can see him again. They go to the same school and have lunch together. She has no respect for authority. ie. Her volleyball coach told everyone over and over "no phone or friends" at tournament. My 10 year old was sick, so I had to run back and forth to and from the game. The coach didn't play her, and I later found out from a parent that she was on phone and with boyfriend entire time. She wrote an apology letter to coach. But my point is, she has no regard for any authority. I have her phone now and told her complete lockdown for a month. I've taken her phone before, and she acts remorseful after the month and she is apologetic, but again..it's an act. This is a smart pretty young lady..horseback, volleyball, and sings like a bird, Honors Math and Science. My sister and her family and my Mom and Dad all are involved in my daughter's life. She has it really good. All A's and B's. this guy is bad news and she only wants him. H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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